ADDAR GROUP was established as an industrial services Saudi company in 1999 by H.E. Dr. Ibrahim A. Ibn Salamah after his retirement from SABIC as vice-chairman and managing director.

  • In a very short time frame the group became one of the leading IT service companies of the Kingdom and an active industrial spare parts supplier.
  • The group also expanded its activities and services in other business sectors including Steel, Cement, Petrochemicals & Chemicals, Oil & Gas and Power Generation.
  •  Its industrial services specialize in supply of chemical additives and raw materials, general electro-mechanical items, spare parts of rotating equipments, reverse engineering of parts and the technology for gas turbine intake/exhaust system and spare part for heavy equipment machines and traction Batteries.
  • For meeting such requirement the group is associated with several international companies of North America, Europe and Asia. Realizing the strong industry requirement for the service center of rotating equipments.
  • The group has built a world class service center in the Kingdom which is well equipped with the most advances and state of the art equipment for turbine repair / overhaul and maintenance. It is run in partnership with a specialist company of international repute.
  • Today ADDAR GROUP comprises of more than 10 establishment and companies which is expanding over time.  ADDAR GROUP has a team of more than +1000  employees contributing in its different business sectors  like – IT, Industrial and commercial etc.
  • Addar Group’s speciality chemicals manufacturing group is to begin production in a year’s time. Apart from manufacturing specialty chemicals, Addar actively sells and markets chemicals at a global level.
  • Addar also supplies spares and batteries for heavy earth moving equipment