Country House for Maintenance & Operations is one of ADDAR Group‘s primary divisions, offering a plethora of ICT Services, catering to the needs of the Information Technology segment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

ADDAR offers the project based ICT services in the following areas:

  • Consulting, Project Implementation, and  Support,
  • Data Center Operations
  • Complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Functional Outsourcing
  • Desk top and Technical support
  • Helpdesk support
  • Shares Management functions for Organizations.

Currently there are approx. +1000 consultants deployed on various projects at various clients throughout the Kingdom. ADDAR has been in the IT support Services business for over a decade, since 1999, and offered its valuable services to many reputed organizations in BFIS, Government, Commercial, and Private sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

ADDAR is focused on offering IT Technical and Support Services as an Outsourced Function to its clients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

ADDAR developed and implemented Shares Management Software to manage stockholders shares for some of the leading organizations in the Kingdom and is being used very effectively. ADDAR also offered this complete function as an outsourced service to an organization for duration of 5 years.

ADDAR was instrumental in successful execution and timely completion of several prestigious and diverse IT projects for its clients with the help of highly skilled technical resources deployed from time to time.


ADDAR is focused on offering Outsourced services it is important to know WHY OUTSOURCING?

It is a known phenomenon that outsourcing of services is opted by organizations when it comes to Optimizing Productivity. Organizational agility in the marketplace will determine its sustenance and in an effort to retain that agility, major organizations resort to Outsource the IT Support functions.

SMEs are also realizing that, to be competitive they must rather focus on their core business products than on running a back office. The never ending emergence of new technologies everyday are throwing bigger challenges making it more difficult to support the back office and attract the skills necessary to face the challenges of the new economy in these organizations


Increase productivity by reducing IT problems

Following are some of the major benefits derived by the organizations by utilizing the Outsourced Services:

  • Reduce & define operating costs
  • Focus on core competencies of the business
  • Obtain industry best practices & capabilities
  • Access technical resources that are not available
  • Free the internal resources for strategic roles
  • Increase productivity by reducing IT problems
  • Establish a consistent level of service to the organization

 A brief description of above benefits is given here.

Reduce and define operating costs

Outsourcing allows companies to maintain their strategic focus without the added pressures of maintaining an ever expanding IT resources cost of which head count is one of the criterion.

Headcount is traditionally the largest component of cost. But within headcount are total burden costs including:

  • Employee Benefits
  • Management overheads
  • Employee Training,
  • Employee Turnover cost
  • HR and administrative support

Outsourcing often leads to an initial cost savings. In a survey, organizations reported savings through outsourcing, largely because the outsourcing relationship itself creates a natural check and balance to efficient operating costs.

 Another fact to consider is that growth or divestitures within a company can make it very difficult to “right-size” its IT to fit the current needs of the organization.

In corporate environments that are changing in size per unit or per transaction, outsourcing solutions can provide scalability to the costs and support to the needs of the organization. It is often seen that growth companies that do not outsource, experience runaway operating costs that exceed their actual service needs.

One classic example of outsourcing functions is by the Governments of various countries that outsource the Passport and Visa services that not only lessens the administrative burdens but also drastically improves the efficiency and the service levels for reasons that are obvious.

 When outsourcing is combined with service level agreements (SLAs) it allows a company to understand exactly what it is paying for and hold the service provider accountable to deliver. Having a fixed price formula for the organization’s IT allows for greater fiscal control and stability. ADDAR can offer similar functional outsourcing from which clients can vastly benefit in the long run.

Focus on core competencies of the business

By allowing an external expert to assume responsibility for its IT support functions, an organization’s management can focus on the areas that create value for the organization—its core competencies.

 Obtain industry best practices and capabilities:

Best-in-class outsourcing providers such as ADDAR leverage best practices in their areas of specialization and make major investments in people, methodologies and technology based on those best practices. These providers are exposed to many client environments and develop a perspective that allows them to apply what works best to their engagements.

In addition, new technologies are difficult and costly for an organization to evaluate, test and deploy in its environment. An outsourcer, on the other hand, can apply its broad technical expertise and best practices to the task rather than developing new methods and learning the technology from scratch, thereby reducing the deployment life cycle, costs and risk in implementation.

Access technical resources that are not available

In many cases, a company considers outsourcing because it is unable to find the IT resources it needs or because it is losing those resources through turnover, which is both costly and unproductive. The driving force behind both of these situations has been the tremendous demand for IT professionals in recent years.  It is difficult for a company to find and retain talented IT staff. Outsourcing provides a clear advantage in this area. ADDAR comes handy in such instances to offer its services in finding the right talent at the right time and at right cost.

Given the nature of our business we, at ADDAR, are experts in technical recruiting—as it is one of our core competencies and we can leverage on our experience in overall retention. ADDAR can provide a career path that encompasses the spectrum of the IT industry as well as the benefits that keep the IT workforce satisfied with their careers.  

Free the internal resources for strategic roles

Organizations inevitably have resource limitations. Outsourcing can be a vehicle for an organization to shift its resources from tactical day-to-day IT maintenance into more strategic roles. These resources that perhaps had been contributing on a level far below their capabilities can now be put in positions adding greater value, or can be focused externally on customer-oriented initiatives. This situation is particularly prevalent in small to mid-sized organizations where growth has stretched their resources too thin. It can also be found in large organizations where even top executives can be distracted by IT escalations on an event-by-event basis. ADDAR is the solution again for these situations.

 Establish a consistent level of service to the organization:  

ADDAR can offer IT Technical & Support Services Outsourcing and establish consistency improving IT responsiveness and enhancing customer service. This will result in the improvement of quality as our primary mission is delivering IT services and solutions.

Accountability increases with the establishment of service levels and the as outsourcer ADDAR is better equipped to provide incremental resources to address fluctuations in work volumes.

Selecting the right outsourcing vendor

Selecting the right vendor is perhaps one of the most critical success factors within the outsourcing process. First of all, the vendor’s strengths and culture should relate to the organization’s needs. Second, the vendor must be able to deliver the benefits the company is seeking to realize.

 The main factors to consider in determining the right outsourcer are:

• Price

• Competency

• Flexibility

• Financial Stability

• Capabilities

ADDAR offers all the above benefits to its clients as an organization well established in offering these services for more than a decade.

 IT Support Team

We deploy the right resources with the right skills for a given task hence the resolution of issues or execution and completion of the assigned projects is more predictable. ADDAR’s support staff is highly experienced, Smart, highly motivated and service obsessed. They are also backed by a team of specialist whose in-depth technical knowledge and extensive industry experience allows them to resolve the most complex issues

Successful outsourcing involves many aspects of relationship management.

Relationship management plays a role right from the initial sizing, contract negotiations, and service level monitoring to billing and escalation processes. Many companies that experience outsourcing complications do so because they did not pay enough attention to managing the relationship and contract. This is one of the unique strengths of ADDAR that has an experienced and effective team to handle these tasks with dedicated Account Managers assigned for each client.

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