Today ADDAR GROUP comprises of 10 Companies with a total of 1000 employees. Following are the group companies description and services they offer.

Arab House For Industrial Consultancy

Arab House For Industrial Consultancy provides sound and scientific consultancy services to existing companies as well as entrepreneurs intending to enter the following markets:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Natural resources – mining, minerals
  • Infrastructure: Power / Railways
  • Petrochemical / chemicals
  • Refining
  • Steel
Consultancy services of Arab House have been sought by reputed Japanese companies entering the Saudi market

Country House for Maintenance & Operations

previously called Country House For Information Technology is now one of the leading provider of information technology services to some of the leading organizations in Saudi Arabia. It provides the following services:

  • Consulting, Project Implementation and Networking
  • Outsourcing of highly skilled IT professionals
  • Manpower selection and deployment
  • Authorized Reseller of MultiTech Systems Inc. in Saudi Arabia    
Currently there are 700 consultants deployed to various clients throughout the Kingdom. Moreover, we have developed a Share-holder management software for companies to manage the needs of their shareholders. This software is implemented in some of the largest companies in the Kingdom. Some of these companies have outsourced the entire operations of their ‘Share-holders Department to us.

As part of Internet of Things - IoT digital transformation, we expand our capability to provide services and solutions by:

  • Selling, installing, maintaining, and support of IoT network based on LoRaWAN/LPWAN technology.
  • Providing connectivity solutions for Smart City and Industrial IoT in terms Smart plant.
  • Targeting vertical markets mainly in Oil & Gaz, Energy/Utility, Agriculture, Healthcare, and Public sectors like municipalities and others.

CHMO Brochure
Addar Chemgroup - ACG

Addar Chemgroup - ACG

ACG was formed in partnership with Chemgroup, USA who are leaders in distillation of numerous types of material with boiling /heat sensitiveness. ACG caters to KSA and Middle East market and sells The company provide services from purification to re-refining, reclamation to disposal, packaging to transportation, chemical brokerage to distribution, and project management to process optimization, CHEM Group has the resources and determination to deliver innovative solutions.

  • Heat transfer fluids
  • Secondary plasticizer
  • Reclamation services for off/on site for heat transfer fluid, amine, sulfolane, amines and glycol.
  • Glycols
  • Rolling Oils
  • Hydraulic fluids
  • Amines
  • Purification and re- refining of industrial liquids / Total fluid management
The company have also a range of products from Heat Transfer Fluids to secondary plasticizers, reclaimed glycols to specialty amines, and recycled solvents to specialty lubricants,

Saudi Tunisian Electrical And Gas Services “STEG”

STEG.I.S-Saudi is a partnership with STEG International Services (SIS)-Tunisia. STEG.I.S-Saudi is an energy services company covering both electrical and gas sectors and offering:

  • Technical services /support
  • O & M solutions /Start-up assistance
  • Pre-commissioning and commissioning services
  • Project implementation/ Project management
  • Feasibility studies /Design engineering
  • Maintenance of electric and gas production equipment.
STEG.I.S-Saudi serves clients in KSA as well as in the rest of Middle East.

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Country House For Contracting And Operations

  • Gas Turbine Inspection, Repair / Overhaul
  • Steam Turbine Inspection, Repair Overhaul
  • Gas Turbine Enclosures – Repair / Replace
  • Turbine In-let and Exhaust Repair
  • Laying of Gas pipeline
  • Specialized Technical man power supplier

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Country House For Commercial Services

Country House For Commercial Services specializes in procuring and providing high quality products and services in the fields of Chemical supply, Mechanical, Electrical, Industrial, and Electronics. Our team of well-qualified and experienced professionals ensures we provide the most suitable option to our clients.
We have therefore identified and then made representation agreements with some of the leading products, services, and spare parts suppliers in the following business segments:

  • Oil, Gas & petrochemicals industries
  • Power generation and distribution
  • Water desalination
  • Steel & Cement
  • Defense
  • Hospitals and medi-care

Global Company For Downstream Industries - GDI

Is one of the leading companies in Developing Downstream Petrochemicals and Specialty Chemicals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our portfolio includes investments in the local production of specialty chemicals, additives, and fine chemicals which enables further specialty applications in the Kingdom and serves the current import-dependent users in the region. To date, all of GDI’s investments include domestic integration of raw materials, innovative value extraction, and local production of specialty products serving the regional and global industries of petrochemicals, oil & gas, minerals, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture.

GDI Website
Global Company For Chemical Industries

Global Company For Chemical Industries - GCI

Is a Saudi Arabian Company Focusing most of its activities in the Petrochemical Downstream Businesses. The Company was established in 2015 by Global Company for Downstream Industries (GDI) as a Private Limited Liability Company. GCI headquarter is in King Fahad Road, Olaya District Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company’s strategy is to transform abundant and competitively priced raw materials into high value products to serve the customers in Saudi Arabia and MENA Region.

GCI Website

Global Specialty Chemicals - GSC

Global Specialty Chemicals – GSC was formed for the specific purpose of trading /marketing /distribution of specialty chemicals , oils and grease in the USA, Gulf region, India , Far East and North Africa. GSC has built strong trading and marketing partners in Turkey, USA, Iran, UAE, India, UK.

Addar Chemicals Company-ACC

Addar Chemicals Company has recently been formed in December 2013, as a partnership of saudi businessmen with a vision and an eye on the chemical industry. The objective of ACC is to invest and be controlling partner in new chemical projects coming up in Saudi Arabia. These projects could be the brainchild of partner firm “Global Company For Downstream Industries”, or other independent parties.

ACC Website

Diesel Equipment Company

Diesel Equipment company was formed in the year 2006 in partnership with Dahbashi Engineering Co. of Dubai, UAE. Diesel Equipment Company has become a major supplier of spare parts for various earth moving equipment within this short period of time and is gathering a larger share of the market as time goes by. DE provides spares and repairs for heavy earth moving equipment (Eg. Komatsu, Caterpillar etc.), such as: DE provides a comprehensive range of traction batteries, chargers, lift truck chains and forks.

  • Engines
  • Drive train
  • Hydraulics
  • Filters
  • Electrical

Batteries and Chargers for Motive Power and Reserve Power applications

We have wide range of batteries and chargers for Motive Power and Reserve Power applications and has a unique advantage of having all major battery technologies available like Lead Acid, GEL, AGM, Fiber Nickel Cadmium (FNC) and Lithium ion.
Batteries and chargers for the Materials Handling Equipment Industry Forklift Trucks, Warehousing Lift trucks, Cleaning Machines, Golf Carts etc.We will offer all the necessary after-sales support, operator training and spares availability for the Batteries and Chargers.
We are pleased to confirm that our after-sales support is presently available in Riyadh, Dammam and Jeddah.